A plan to assassinate President Qays Sa‘īd was reveled.


Aš-Šurūq bawwāba / The world

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A Tunisian newspaper revealed on Friday a complete plot to assassinate the president of the country Qays Sa‘īd by giving him a poisoned bread he was about to eat.

This came in a report by the Tunisian aš-Šurūq newspaper in which one of the employees of a bakery in the Tunisian capital talked and unveiled the operation.

Its range went as far that a Tunisian businessman (not specifying his identity) resorted on giving bribe to the some of 20 thousand dinars ($7 thousand) to one of the employees of the bakeries the office of the presidency buys it bread from, in exchange for putting poisonous material to the pastry of the special delivery to the presidency.

It clarified that the employee felt the danger in the matter and reveled the plot to the security services, thus they came to know about the matter and found that there is imminent danger to the life of the Tunisian president.

The newspaper cited the special branch of the anti-terrorist unit in Tunisia their confirmation about the matter and reveled the cells which are targeting the president.

In a meeting with the units of the army in July Sa‘īd elaborated on the existence of dangerous plots threatening the Tunisian security and that certain political sides work on planting discord in Tunisia.

Qays Sa‘īd (age 62) is a constitutional law professor in the University of Tunis and won in the elections on 13 October with 70%  of the votes. He still has a popular support exceeding 65% in the last opinion polls in the country.

Source: Tunisian aš-Šurūq newspaper